Tibia Shells

An elegant and contemporary shell, great for the modern home.
These tibia shells are for internal hanging only
Size: 48cm x 11cm £90.00 each

Blue/Taupe ref: (TL1)

Blue/Green/Taupe ref: (TL2)

Purple/Green ref: (TL3)

Size: 33.5cm x 8cm £50.00

Blue/Green/Taupe ref: (TM1)

Purple/Blue. Ref (TM2)

( A thin cable hanger will be attached adding an additional 10/12cm - if you require a certain size between 2cm and 30cm please advise at time of ordering )

Little Pollocks

These Pollocks are for internal hanging only.

Our little Pollocks are here to support sustainable fishing and are even environmentally friendly! If your ever unsure what to give as a present here is the answer... a pair of Pollocks ! ...and each one has its own
little heart etched into the camouflage.

To help make them even more original you can choose your own colour combination from the Pallet of Pollocks . ( I will hang them from left to right so make sure your numbers are written in the correct sequence. Sizes below are only rough measurements as 2, 3 and 5 Pollocks are hung from reclaimed slate making each piece individual and have a slight variation in width. If you want your heads facing up or down please indicate at the time of order or I will hand them as indicated in the photos).

Size of each Pollock is 13.5cm x 3.5 cm

Hanging size approx ( to include top of cable hanging and length of slate ).
1 Pollock approx overall size 25cm Ref: P1 - £12.50
Please add your colour selection for 1 Pollock

2 Pollocks approx overall size 28cm x 9cm
Ref: P2 - £25.00

Please add your colour selection for 2 Pollocks

3 Pollocks approx overall size 28cm x 13cm
Ref: P3 - £40.00

Please add your colour selection for 3 Pollocks

5 Pollocks approx overall size 28cm x 20cm
Ref: P5 - £67.50

Please add your colour selection for 5 Pollocks

End of Day Boats

End of day boats come in varying colours and shapes, no two pieces can be the same . All colours will coordinate.

Approx size: 8 cm x 6.5 cm. £8.00. Ref EDB

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